5 Benefits of getting a Facial every month

5 Benefits of getting a Facial every month

Many people think getting a facial is a “luxury” service, or an extravagant thing to do for your self. While getting a facial sure does feel luxurious and extravagant, there are many benefits for your skin and health when it comes to getting a facial once a month.


  1. Facial Massage Promotes Blood Circulation
    Studies say that massage helps to improve blood circulation in the body. This also applies to the face. The more blood that circulates to the face, the better! This means your face and skin is getting all of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and glowing!
  2. Facials Help To Detoxify The Skin
    Our skin, which is the largest Organ in the body, needs to get rid of the waste and ickys that it accumulates over time. Skin detox is necessary because your skin can have massive breakouts without it. Imagine a shelf in your house getting dusty over time, now imagine that is your skin. Gross, right? When detoxifying the skin, therapists will use things such as antioxidant creams, oils, sea salt and herbal extracts to make your skin fresh and glow!
  3. Tightens Your Skin
    As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, this happens because the production of collagen diminishes. During a facial, the therapists will use products such as face masks, creams, lotions, serums and oils that are packed with botanical extracts to activate the production of collagen in the skin.
  4. Prevent Aging
    Regular facials and the face massages that come with it are great for promoting collagen development and cell regeneration. This leaves you with more youthful, glowing skin.
  5. Expert Care
    With every facial, you’re going to get expert opinions and advice. We can read as many blogs and articles as we want but that advice is not the same as getting it from an expert who has seen and cared for your skin face to face and one on one. An expert will analyze your skin and recommend products that are going to be good for your personal skin type.

    There are so many benefits to getting a Facial monthly and these are just a few. You can try out Facials here at Sandstone any time with our in house Licensed Esthetician, Shelly Metzger. From 5/8/19-5/10/19 Shelly is running a special deal on 3 packs for her facials! You can get a 3 pack for $30.00 off of our normal pricing!

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