Our vision at Sandstone Therapeutic Massage is to work with other small businesses and we are proud to connect YOU our loyal clients and potential new members to our network of locally owned small businesses for your convenience. Each and every one I have met personally with to understand each business and what they stand for to meet the principles that we ourselves uphold here at Sandstone.

Please click on the logo which will take you to their website. When connecting be sure to mention you heard about them from Sandra at Sandstone Massage.


Dr Kyle - Michigan Family Wellness

Where we believe if you FUEL your body with the proper nutrition it will thrive, STRESS is the enemy, and the CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT is the foundation of a wellness lifestyle!

We believe Chiropractic care and Nutritional based therapies are the foundational of a healthy lifestyle.

We help busy moms transform from tired, short fused, and stressed out, into a healthy, thriving, and vibrant woman for their family!

We help busy dads transform from irritable, unmotivated, and stressed out, into a healthy, thriving, and vibrant man for their family!

Dynamic Chiropractic Health

At Dynamic Health Chiropractic our mission is to bring families together to help set them free from their current health conditions through specific and neurologically based chiropractic care. Our goal is to increase the quality of life for families so that they can live life at its fullest potential the way God intended. We assist people in gaining victory in their health by offering chiropractic corrective care through a customized health plan.

At our office we believe in creating one of the healthiest communities right here in Novi, Michigan. By raising awareness about what true health is and empowering people to make better health decisions, families are able to live a more dynamic life.